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SA Psychology offers sport and exercise psychology services in London and the South of England, based in Virginia Water, Surrey.

How do I learn more about Sport and Exercise Psychology?

Professional bodies exist which provide information surrounding Sport and Exercise Psychology. SAPsychology works within the framework of the British Psychological Society.

How many sessions will I need?

Each client who approaches SAPsychology has different needs in terms of the number of sessions they will require. On contacting SAPsychology, your personal needs and goals will be discussed alongside a suggested number of sessions.

How much does SAPsychology charge?

Individual sessions cost from £50 per hour plus travel expenses. The cost of group sessions and workshops vary, please make contact to discuss the specifics of your requirements.

Is Sport and Exercise Psychology for children?

Sport and Exercise Psychology can benefit both children and their parents by providing them with the knowledge and understanding of key principles within performance, both in and out of sport and exercise such as confidence, motivation, learning, focus, emotional control and broader life skills.

Is Sport and Exercise Psychology for me?

Yes! SAPsychology provides consultations which are tailored to the individual or team’s needs. Therefore, it can benefit anyone involved in (or wanting to engage in) either sport or exercise; whether at an elite or a beginner level.

Is what I say confidential?

SAPsychology works within the guidelines of the British Psychological Society Professional Code of Conduct, and as such everything discussed in sessions is confidential. There are some circumstances in which it may benefit the client to involve other people such as coaches in the content of certain sessions. In this instance, this would be discussed with you and will only occur with your consent.

Where is SAPsychology located?

SAPsychology works across London and the Home Counties, although travel further afield is negotiable on request.

Where will I have my sessions?

SAPsychology works in a number of locations including personal residences, sports clubs, therapy rooms, cafes and even walking sessions. On contacting SAPsychology, the most appropriate location for you will be discussed.