Sport & Exercise Psychology

SA Psychology offers sport and exercise psychology services in London and the South of England, based in Virginia Water, Surrey.

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology is used to help athletes and teams respond to the demands of their sport and to facilitate their personal development and performance both at an amateur and an elite level. Sport psychology can be applied in a number of ways, such as through:

  • Exploring and implementing interventions to assist athletes in reaching their potential both in training and competition.
  • Helping athletes to cope with and overcome setbacks or injuries.
  • Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team with coaches, other psychologists and nutritionists to ensure the best interest of the individual and team.
  • Assisting with the improvement of team cohesion and communication.
  • Working with individuals and team to set effective individual and team goals.
  • Teaching athletes about mental skills useful for performance.

Exercise Psychology

Exercise psychology is used amongst the general public to improve perceptions of exercise and thus motivating and encouraging participation through advising both the health and psychosocial benefits that exercise can offer. Exercise psychology can be applied in a number of ways, such as through:

  • Counselling clients who are unwell or whose health would benefit from the use of exercise as a treatment.
  • Facilitating behaviour change to move towards a healthier lifestyle, such as weight management and smoking cessation.
  • Advising individuals about both the psychological and physical benefits that exercise can bring.
  • Constructing, implementing and evaluating strategies based on the individual needs of the client.
  • Providing individual and group consultations to a broad cross section of the public including GP referrals, bariatric surgery candidates, people who struggle with eating disorders and women suffering from post natal depression.

Weight management

Managing your weight can be a complex issue and therefore deserves a thorough approach to its management. Psychology is an important part of this process and has been shown to be highly effective when teamed with nutritional advice and exercise. Working with SAPsychology will give you the best chance of reaching your weight management goals.